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Play. Earn. Trade.


By utilizing a crypto-based reward system controlled by a proprietary smart contract, Azuma Games has developed a platform that will allow players to earn AZUM tokens that are tradable on participating exchanges.

At Azuma Games, our gameplay may be fantasy but your rewards are real.

AZUM is much more than just a game token. In Q3 of 2020 we expanded the use case of the coin into a card based payment system. We are currently cultivating partnerships with payment providers.


In Q4 2020, we will focus on building a reliable trading market for traders and players.  We have a wide range of massive promotions in major crypto markets also launching in Q4 2020.  Both players of the game and holders of the token will benefit from a solid path to liquidity and a reliable depth in the market. 


These unique features give Azuma Games a bridge to the real world that no other gaming experience can provide. We are adding a whole new dimension to online gaming.

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