The Game


Azuma is built with the Unity game engine, one of the most advanced game creation systems in the online gaming space.

The Azuma platform utilizes AZUM and will also feature Enjin token backed game items, enabling players to give and receive multiple types of game rewards.

Game Play


Azuma-Unification is based in feudal Japan.  At first glance, the game seems very accurate to that period; however, we have taken many creative liberties so that Unification will stand out from our competition.  Specifically, we have incorporated many unique enhancements to weapons, armor and costuming.

For example, Unification will incorporate rocket launchers, but skinned to fit the period.  We also include a puckle gun which is authentic to timeline, but ours is fully automatic to give players exciting battle experiences they have come to expect from modern on-line games.

Players can build their character’s status, wealth and power and earn AZUM tokens to purchase unconventional and unique game assets. These assets can be transferred to other game platforms as the community grows. 

The online video gaming industry the phenomenal growth across the world, with total games market estimated to grow from $137.9 billion in 2018 to $180.1 billion in 2021. (Newzoo) We expect Azuma coin to benefit greatly from the massive growth in this space.