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Azuma Games Studio is an Australian game development studio with an international team of amazing developers and artists. In addition to our creative team, our in-house digital currency team has enabled us to create games that seamlessly integrate crypto currency rewards in all of our products.  Our flagship game Azuma-Unification is currently preparing for release in 2020, official dates will be announced on this site.

Azuma’s vision is to develop and seamlessly integrate a period-realistic, commerce ecosystem within a high quality online game that allows for fluid transactions, integrated crypto rewards, open exchange, and versatility.  The pursuit of wealth and power is the foundation of all civilizations.  This concept will be a priority in Unification which will add a unique and realistic dimension to the gaming experience.


We believe that cryptocurrency is a natural addition to the world of digital environments and virtual avatars. Azuma Games constantly pushes boundaries, and is always seeking the path less traveled to inspire innovation in gaming.

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